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Porsche that stands out at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, which is being held at Makuhari Messe today until January 12, is displayed. They have the look of a classic 911 but all-carbon body.

This was created by the brand 4LAWS, whose concept is to expand the range of customization, from the exterior and interior to the engine, to create an air-cooled Porsche to your liking and to be a companion in your life. A variety of modifications have been made to the model, with a classic look, but with a variety of modifications, and a variety of models, from normal to high power, with a variety of styles and engine specifications from circuits equipped with comfortable equipment and running.

This time, the one displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon is based on the Porsche 911SC and 993. In each case, all of the genuine steel body is peeled off and replaced with an infusion carbon body, but the interior of one of the 911SC bases is also made of carbon, making it a genuine full carbon vehicle. On the other hand, one of the Narulook 993 bases is a sample of a project in which only the interior can be replaced with carbon.

911SC base

993 base

As you can see, the characteristics of the infusion carbon employed are its beauty. In addition, it also contributes to strength and weight reduction. A molding technique that combines the advantages of dry carbon and wet carbon is used. The strength is much stronger than either type of carbon, making it ideal for use in car bodies.

I want to expect it to spread in the future.

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