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All feature-length portrait movies to be released in 2021. Night / Daywatch director produces for smartphone-Engadget Japan

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Russia-Kazakhstan film director and producer Timur Bekmanbetov has announced that he will produce a full-length feature film "V2.Ecape From Hell". The movie, which is optimized to display the full screen with the smartphone held vertically, is said to be "the first hit movie on a vertical screen." Beckman Betov has directed and produced a number of films, including Night Watch, Day Watch, and Lincoln / Secret Book, but in recent years has been aware of the screens of PCs and tablet smartphones called "Screenlife". Focus on the video work that has been doneJohn ChowStarring work “searchAnd like,POV movie like FPS game "Hardcore"I am involved in

The idea of ​​a vertical screen video work is not the first for Beckman Betov, but as a short and vertical video work for the smartphone application Snapchat “Dead Of Night]Has been produced in 2019.

This time, "V2.Ecape From Hell" is a prisoner trying to escape from a concentration camp in Germany, and it will be a story based on a true story with a former Soviet Union pilot as the main character. Filming will begin in Russia next week, with two final versions in Russian and English in 2021. The Russian version and the English version are said to have different cuts, such as the scenes of the air raids in London.

The work will be co-produced with Russian mobile operator MTS, which will distribute the Russian domestic version on its own platform. It is anticipated that English versions made for international markets other than Russia will also be distributed somewhere on services that support vertical screen images.

Making the story of the former Soviet Union era into a vertical screen of a smartphone is a place where the influence on the reality side as a work is worrisome, but from the viewpoint of the viewer, I am familiar with the vertical type from the beginning It may be surprisingly easy for young people. However, that alone would make it difficult to "become a Blockbuster work" as described by Beckman Betov. It is important how far you can provide the topic in advance and how you can expand the distribution to each country.


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