All free! Summary of sites where you can download "Coloring Book" for free

Requests for refraining from going out are continuing in major cities around the country, including Tokyo. I think many people feel stressed because they cannot go out. If you are looking for something that will distract you at least, there is something that I would recommend.

It's a coloring book. This is one of the entertainments that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults. Even if you're tired of watching TV, PC, or smartphone screens, we encourage you to look at the paper. Below is a site where you can download and print out all the data for free.

■ Infant learning materials material building "Chibimusu drill"
There are many variations such as coloring for numbers and words, coloring for seasonal events. In addition, there are many print collections for infant learning.

■ "Coloring land"
Coloring site for children 2-6 years old. You can print out not only coloring books that children can enjoy, but also the mount of reward stickers.

■ Coloring download site "Coloring park"
A site where children and adults can enjoy simple coloring materials for free download.

■ "Coloring book dot com"
A site where you can download 572 coloring books. In addition to coloring books, there are also things used in actual educational settings such as "playing with lines" and "drafting".

■ Poyopoyo Channel "Free coloring"
A free coloring book for the Poyopoyo Channel, a site that sends educational information for young children. In addition to coloring books, materials such as educational videos and paper games are available.

■ NHK Educational Sukucom “E-TV very popular character coloring special"
The coloring books of popular characters are released on NHK and E-tele.

■ Thomas the Tank Engine "Coloring"
Coloring book published on the official website of THOMAS & FRIENDS.

■ Sanrio "My melody coloring page"
Sanrio's popular character, My Melody coloring book. Besides the coloring book, the maze is open to the public.

■ Disney Official Disney Kids "Coloring"
Disney kids coloring book. In addition to Disney works, Pixar Star Wars coloring books are also available.

■ Doraemon Channel "Coloring download"
Doraemon coloring book on Doraemon official website.

■ Epoch "Sylvanian Families coloring page "

The official coloring book for the Sylvanian Families.

■ TAKARATOMY "Rika-chan coloring page"
TAKARATOMY, Rika's official coloring book

■ Pokemon Daisuki Club “Pokemon Daisuki coloring page"
Pokemon coloring book published by Pokemon information site

■ UUUM "UUUM coloring page"
UUUM coloring book with many famous YouTubers. You can enjoy the coloring of YouTuber including HIKAKIN.

■ Meiji Yasuda Life Group My Care Club Plaza ""Coloring book" classroom for adults"
The coloring books centering around what adults can enjoy are on display. Consideration to provide materials for beginners, men, and people with low vision.

■ Canon "Creative Park"
Official Canon website. In addition to coloring books, paper crafts and paper reliefs are also available.

■ Brother "Coloring book for adults starting today"
An adult coloring book published by Brother. The focus is on the precise design.

■ Tokyo Metro "Coloring"
Official Tokyo Metro coloring book. There are two types, Ginza Line and Marunouchi Line.

■ JR West “Coloring book"
The official coloring book for JR West. There are 17 types, mainly the Shinkansen. Russell car and Sagano truck train are also available.

If you have a printer, download the data and print it out. I [Sato] has no printer at home, so I downloaded the data, printed it out at a convenience store, and enjoyed coloring.

Immerse yourself in the coloring book, which is a good distraction as you don't have to worry about wasteful things. I would recommend it to people who want entertainment because everything is fine.

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Report:Hidenori Sato

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