All Japan 2 wins, next round Nadal led by Spain @ ATP Cup

In the men's tennis, the newly established ATP Cup for Men's Country played Japan-Georgia, and without waiting for the doubles of the final game, Japan won two singles wins, making a total of two races.

In the first match, which was a match between NO2 players, Go Soeda [35], the 121st in the world, won the first set and won the reverse. In the following ace showdown, 72nd place Yoshihito Nishioka [24 = Miki House] defeated 26th place Bashira Svili with a 6-2, 6-3 straight. Japan will play against Spain, led by world champion Nadal, on the 8th to advance to the final tournament starting on the 9th.

The ATP Cup divides 24 countries into six groups of four and competes in leagues, with the top six nations of each group and the top two winning nations competing for a winner in a tournament format. Japanese ace Kei Nishikori [30] is missing due to rehabilitation from injury to right elbow.

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