All pop:of 2019 looking back and 2020s to think about investing in【FISCO social Reporter】

*10:00JST all pop:of 2019 looking back and 2020s to think about investing in【FISCO social Reporter】
The following is the record on the social Reporter’s individual all your POPs Mr. [Twitter account name: all for pop@shares] written comments. Record in proactively providing information to individuals with more diverse information to investors to deliver this we are committed to.


Professional private investors of all pop and successful.
After several years of contributions, and more.

This year, the consumption tax increases, old age 2000 million yen problems, such as future anxiety from the asset management awareness of year. In 2019, the forecast across the back do I stock index to almost not see because of the year, the Nikkei Stock Average and the index of the chart no matter what shape I do not know.

My current investment style is a small to medium-sized growth stock investment. Clear reason even after the investment, the ground is almost stock does not monitor. Zara 場中 reading, and research spend. Also, the earnings and investment related news, check the growth scenarios deviation from the observed joining. The IR seminar and exhibition,General Meeting of shareholders, such as the directly to speak of the opportunity to share them with others.

Many market participants are”on it””its””money was”””loss”and daily stock price fluctuations to mind. However, among the companies working in the managers and employees not to do that and not think of the day,the product or service of the thinking,enhance the value,contribute to society as possible. Companies in this you can invest in companies that have made the leap, but investment by businesses has been weak.

These investors also say that I am a good investment,a better world and future, and as a result their also, return believe. U.S.-China trade issues, also adversely affected company is, regardless of revenue or are a lot of companies exist.

In view of this, investors value movement helter-skelter, but rather how the industry will decline,as industry and technology from the structural to make the leap from thinking of investment you must. In 2019 with this year is”the individual shares of the bottom-up research to Toru, the conviction to invest is important.”and feel it was a year.

For example, a work machine<7564>In the stock market in 2018 from the summer profile on. The network command plus the first store open on the day, I also shoes. Stock it from 1 year and 4 months approximately 4-fold higher. However, at the time, most attention had been the key to today you continue to hold how many people is that?. External noise is removed, by continued difficulties feel.

Sometimes, the destination,the monetary easing of the market, the reverse rotation can cause critical shocks going to happen.. However, it all finish? The Lehman shock, even if our life is not gone. Then smartphones appeared, and new services are born,the world is much convenient.

Uniqlo of Fast Retailing<9983>The pre-08. 8 fiscal revenue 5,864 billion, and 19. 8 Stage 2 trillion 2,905 billion and expanding. MonotaRO<3064>Is the 08. 12 year 140 billion yen in sales,18. 12 Phase 1,095 billion and a burgeoning it.

Anyway, the mind and money management at all,the noise to be swayed, and the world economy as a whole unrelated to its own growth drivers have to look for companies that want to focus on one.

Aging society,capitalization of underhanded about the Times coverage and darker, but social issues and needs are two sides of the same coin. Ageing medical care, nursing care, silver generation for demand, labor shortage, and the era of the business inheritance, M&A, DX[digital presentation],such as investment needs are overflowing.

“Family Villa new of stocks investing”with books during this term.

“Trade like a hobby if you treat a hobby like to take the money. However, that level of work so if you treat the work, like to reward you.”

Your important assets now to be clear, I’m a only you can.

In the 2020s,this from 5 years, 10 years what kind of future is waiting,what kind of future to some. I will continue to learn,social value and growth companies by investing in a better future to our people. And, that investment is a good result that we hope will make a difference..

What is your investment for?


Author name: all for pop
Twitter account:all your pop@strain《US》

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