Alpine A110 limited edition model introduced in Paris introduced in Japan │ Atelier Alpine also

The Alpine A110 Lineage GT, the Alpine A110 Color Edition 2020 and two limited edition models, as well as the personalization program Atelier Alpine, were unveiled at the Paris showroom studio Alpine, which is located at the Alpine headquarters. It will also be introduced in Japan.

The Alpine A110 Lineage GT is a model based on the Alpine II A110 Lineage with elegant interior and exterior finishes. Three body color variations, including one new color, are available. Limited to 400 units worldwide. The introduction in Japan is scheduled for spring 2020.

The Alpine A110 Color Edition 2020 is a special model with a special color that is sold every year for a limited time. The 2020 model is based on the A110S and uses John Tournusol (yellow) body color. The introduction in Japan is scheduled for summer 2020.

Atelier Alpine is a personalization program that allows you to freely order 29 new body colors, 3 types of wheels (each with 3 color variations), and 4 brake caliper colors. This service, which is nice for owners, is also planned to be introduced in Japan, and is scheduled for fall 2020.

Alpine A110 fans are likely to enjoy a variety of Alpine throughout the year.

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