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Also supports curved surfaces of open books! Image correction software "Pitari Square 6"

SOURCENEXT CORPORATION has released image correction software. This product is software that corrects distortion caused by the shooting angle. Instantly corrects images such as pictures, documents, and whiteboards as if they were taken head-on.

■ Make the corrected image even more beautiful

In the new version, in addition to being able to correct the curved surface of an open book, it is now possible to use a "discerning filter" that makes the corrected image even more beautiful. In addition, it is equipped with new functions such as "grid display" that displays grids on the correction screen.

In addition, the "Pitari Square 5" provided by the flat-rate unlimited use service "Super Hodai" of PC software will be upgraded to "Pitari Square 6".


Image correction software "Pitari Square 6"

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