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Do you always have olive oil in your home?

You can get vegetables with olive oil and salt, ohhoho… There are a couple of them in a madam, or in a home that's lined up in a stylish kitchen that looks great on Instagram. However…

In my kitchen, where "vegetables" are dressed with vegetables and salad oil and soy sauce are lined up in the kitchen, olive oil is often used up. After opening, there is no turn for a while, and the flavor is not good the next time you use it.

The product introduced this time is an olive oil that is very convenient for a little "use" and you can enjoy it always fresh!

Olive oil is fresh

The product name is "Ranieri EXV Olive Oil Potion 8p" 298 yen (tax included). It's a mellow and fruity extra virgin oil that uses 100% Italian olives. Once you open the bottle or the oil in the bottle, it will inevitably oxidize over time and the scent and taste will change, but with this shape, you can always enjoy it in a fresh state. Is it a new standard for Cardi?

Hotel butter-like container

When I took it out of the bag, it contained 8 subdivided potions.

The size is slightly larger than general gum syrup and coffee fresh. This shallow type is similar to the butter container that appears in hotels.

7 g is 2 teaspoons

Each potion contains 7g of oil, but I measured it with a measuring spoon. Just two teaspoons.

If you want to use it for a while during cooking, it is convenient to know the amount of each potion. I don't want to increase the amount of greasy oil wash by weighing each time.

The taste without the habit I finally met

Actually, I am not good at olive oil, which has a strong scent. Whether you put it on bread or use it for cooking, you will feel disappointing as the tension drops if you don't make a claim for oil. I don't often feel "wow…" when eating out, so I think the choice of home-use oil is bad (laughs).

In that respect, this oil does not have a fragrant scent! Mellow taste and fruity. I think that it is a very easy-to-use all-purpose oil that enriches the flavor without disturbing the taste of cooking.

However, it may be divided into likes and dislikes that the aftertaste is bitter. I like the "adult taste" (aunt…because I'm an adult).

A little bit on the Super Cup! ‥

It's strange, and having this potion at home makes me want to try it on a variety of dishes. Even though I left it off as a bottle (laugh)

When it comes to cooking with olive oil, the first thing that comes to mind is pasta. I tried a little cod to finish it, but the pasta at home makes it taste like a restaurant.

Since the potion is wide, it is also a point that you can attach it directly as it is for small bread. It is also good to tear it off.

Instead of butter, apply olive oil and add salt. I haven't been on a scale since I fell in love with this toast.

Since I got the excellent oil, I also tried the way of eating "vanilla ice + olive oil + salt" that I always wanted to try. I prepared my favorite Super Cup (without special price 100 yen).

I've heard rumors that it will evolve into a high-class French dessert for a long time, but I was satisfied with a bite. The richness of the oil gives it a rich taste, and salt is an accent, and the synergistic effect that complements the taste is amazing. Oil for ice? I was confused when I first heard, but I see, it fits. I like a little oil + a little salt + a lot of ice (just fat)

Considering the price of 298 yen for 7g x 8 pieces, it feels a little expensive, but the usability and freshness are outstanding. Even at home, where olive oil is used on a regular basis, it may be convenient to use the potion type depending on the application.

When you have a fashionable lunch party, it's a good idea to put it on a table with a plate or basket!

Store: Cardi Coffee Farm
Menu: Ranieri EXV Olive Oil Potion 8p
Price: 298 yen (tax included)
Official site:Ranieri EXV Olive Oil Potion 8p

(Sentence/Photograph ☆3suke☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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