Amazon apologizes for misdelivering batteries and condoms to customers who bought Nintendo Switch for some reason


Amazon apologizes for misdelivering batteries and condoms to customers who bought Nintendo Switch for some reason

by Enrique Vidal Flores

It became clear that Amazon, an online shopping site, delivered "batteries and condoms" instead of Nintendo Switch to multiple users who purchased Nintendo Switch. Amazon has apologized to misdelivered customers and is responding to refunds.

Amazon apologises for sending shopper batteries and condoms-instead of Nintendo Switch-Mirror Online

Amazon apologises to Black Friday shoppers who ordered Nintendo Switch but were sent random items | Daily Mail Online

It has become clear that Amazon delivered toothbrushes, tambourine, electronic shavers, etc. instead of Nintendo Switch to some customers who purchased Nintendo Switch on Black Friday. We know that there are at least a dozen victims of this misdelivery, and that Amazon has started investigating misdelivery.

Twitter user's@Whos_jakeTweeted to Amazon, “What a hell! I ordered a Nintendo Switch, but I received a microphone and a tambourine!”.

On the other hand, AmazonSupport account"It seems that the item you ordered has definitely not arrived. Click here when you have time (Return form)please look at. I'll start returning immediately. "

After that, @Whos_jake seems to have contacted customer service directly, but even after 3 days have passed since the inquiry, Nintendo Switch, which was supposed to be received at the beginning, has not been obtained, "After contacting customer service , We ’ve been waiting for 3 days for the survey to finish, but it ’s a terrible business practice that you ’ve already paid, but have n’t got the product yet. “That ’s humiliating! I just want a Nintendo Switch!”

It is not only @Whos_jake that Amazon delivered another product instead of Nintendo Switch.

Twitter user's@ThatBintTweeted, “The Nintendo Switch and Luigi Mansion that I ordered for Black Friday arrived with such an interesting look.” It seems that the electric toothbrush and electric shaver arrived instead of the Nintendo Switch.

@Sophieihamilton“ Amazon may be busy, but my child purchased Nintendo Switch with the money he saved and the money he received for his birthday, but it was very disappointed because the delivered items were different. Tweeted to appeal to Amazon that the child has been the victim of misdelivery. It seems that it was a photo-curing resin that arrived.

Vive Johnson from Tutbury, Staffordshire, England, told Mirror Online, a British tabloid, “ Instead of Nintendo SwitchDavid WarriorsIs the latest book ofThe Beast of Buckingham PalaceThere were two books. "

Also, Steve Handy, a resident of Worcestershire, Worcestershire, said on his Facebook account, “I ordered a Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Sword Shield on Amazon. It is sold for 300 pounds (about 43,000 yen). I ordered, but what I received today was a notebook fan cooler, worth less than 10 pounds.When I called customer service, the price was back (end of sale) I ’ve been told that I ca n’t do anything about it, so I ’ll need to buy a Nintendo Switch at a higher price (than when I bought it) after receiving a refund. ”

In addition, Lucy Henderson received batteries and powder detergent instead of Nintendo Switch. “Even though Amazon has a great service of next-day delivery, Nintendo Switch purchased as a gift for boyfriend due to misdelivery does not reach the scheduled timing,” lamented.

It seems that a customer who ordered Nintendo Switch received another product at a time other than Black Friday. The oldest report that another product was misdelivered instead of Nintendo Switch was in October 2019@TheRealHughesyTweeted, "This is a joke about something? I should have ordered Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con, but it was a condom …".

Amazon told Mirror Online, “I ’m really sorry for the misdelivery. I ’m investigating exactly what happened now. We strive to be able to recognize it correctly, please contact our customer service team for any issues with your order. " Amazon also revealed that it will respond to refunds for customers who misdelivered another product instead of Nintendo Switch, not the amount at the time of purchaseSuggested retail priceThere is also a possibility of refunding.

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