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“Amazon Music HD” UI differentiated by unlimited high-res listening, but the number of songs is ◎ | Best Buy 2019-Engadget Japan Version

If you use other streaming services, you may find yourself using the Amazon Music HD app. There is no smart playlist, and the home screen doesn't feel optimized for individual tastes. First of all, a playlist of songs that can be listened to with high resolution is displayed on the home screen, but conversely, this seems to be “ Is it just this? '', I think that the appearance of this home screen is an image down. Will be broken.

But please rest assured. As far as I've found it, most famous places seem to be high-resolution. Please search for your favorite artist first. If you look up albums and songs from the artist page, you will see “ULTRA HD” on the high-resolution audio sources. Even if “HD” is displayed, the sound quality is CD sound quality, so it should be enjoyable with higher sound quality than other streaming services.

Engadget "data-caption =" Engadget "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-2-153194-1575292287939 "data- media-id = "ea72987d-c21d-432d-9012-a4f0f0f48fd7" src = "" data-title = "Engadget" /><strong>▲ The old album is also made into ULTRA HD.</strong></p>
<p>If you want to listen to the albums and songs that you find again later, you can create a playlist, but I always add them to My Music. I think that there is a tab called “My Music” at the top of the screen, but the added music is added there and classified by artist, so it is easier than making a playlist as a note of songs you want to listen to repeatedly.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ The songs you care about will be added to “My Music”.

Unfortunately, not many smartphones support high-resolution playback with wireless earphones. Therefore, if you enjoy high resolution at the moment, it seems the fastest way to listen with a high resolution compatible DAC connected to your PC. The writer, too, enjoys with a tube amplifier and a self-made speaker by connecting a TEAC DAC to a MacBook Pro.

You might think that a high-resolution audio set will cost more money, but for the time being, only DAC should be compatible with Amazon Music HD's 24bit / 192kHz distribution limit. From the point of digital to analog, I personally think that it is not necessary to stick to high resolution. Rather than having a super tweeter, rather than having a subwoofer to boost the bass, you can be happy overall. If you think you can't listen to high resolution without such trouble, I think that the best answer is to buy Amazon Echo Studio released on December 5th.

Amazon Music HD is 1780 yen per month for Amazon Prime members. Now it is free for 30 days. Personally, I don't think that there is a bit more ingenuity in how to show the service, but if most songs can be listened to at least lossless, I think it's not that expensive.

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