Amazon strengthens Alexa's conversational skills–more natural and expressive

Amazon announced that it will further improve the artificial intelligence [AI] of the voice assistant "Alexa". The aim is to strengthen Alexa's conversational skills at home. At its annual product launch event on September 24, the company said Alexa would be "more natural and more expressive."

Courtesy: Chris Monroe / CNET

Courtesy: Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon has stated that it will take advantage of the technological evolution of the text-to-speech [NTTS] function that uses neural networks to make Alexa's response more like a real person's conversation using AI. This includes multisensory AI, the ability for multiple people to talk to Alexa.

"Our human conversations flow much more freely, are less structured, often don't talk to each other, and sometimes interrupt each other's conversations and speak at the same time," Amazon said. Said. Alexa uses the context of the entire conversation to determine if the request was directed at him.

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