An honest review of AEON's madness “Tapioca Soy Sauce Onigiri” / A taste of rain that makes perfect sense

Since the other day, a certain rice ball has been making the world devastated mainly by the net. “ Aeon '' of ordinary supermarkets everywhere in the country created “Tapioca pickled rice balls"

It's not a story of outing at the time of the name. What happened and got the GO sign? Isn't AEON a company that runs a lot? Wonder if the madness that was accidentally leaked was realized. I just ate it!


When I knew the existence of this rice ball, I thought that it was just some of the ions, or very few. I'm sure that AEON around that area doesn't sell it.

I would rather not haveIf you go to the nearby AEON, you might be normal.

The label says “Showa VS Heisei / Ryowa Onigiri Championship”. Indeed, in the Heisei / Rakuwa frame of the Onigiri Championship project, did you feel like you were crying easily at Tapioca because you were troubled by the Ryowa story that was too short to begin?

It's a complete guess, but I'm pretty confident. The most popular food and drink ever since I entered the era is probably the tapioca milk tea.

Maybe "Milk tea rice ballIt may be said that Ion is still sane because it did not produce. ……Disagreeable,I do n’t know if I did n’t turn back. The price is 127.44 yen including tax.

・ Tapioca soy sauce

The packaging is just ordinary rice balls. Looking at the ingredient list, there is a description of “Tapioca soy sauce”. It ’s not tapioca and soy sauce.

Even if opened, it is still a regular rice ball.

However, the punished silhouette that comes out is …

Undoubtedly tapioca

Well, if you just look at it, it doesn't look like ikura. But there is a sense of incongruity that cannot be hidden. After all it is undoubtedly tapioca.

・ Completely unexpected

“Tapioka soy sauce pickled rice ball” is too thin to be sane. I was going to be prepared not to be surprised about what would pop out, but I couldn't be surprised by the level of surprise that was blown away with such a pan.

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> It ’s normal! <
 ̄Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^  ̄

on the contraryI feel delicious. I bought only one Bibi, but when I finished eating, I thought I could eat another one. This was done.I was absolutely sure.

It might be hard to believe, but it's really good. I wonder what.Like baked salmon with soy sauceIt ’s such a taste and texture. It's much better than Ikura's onigiri rice balls.

Before that, Sato of our editorial department said, “Tapioca pickles"Eat the crazy product" and described it as "good with rice". I was wondering what the taste was like in the middle … Is that so …!

Yes, this is delicious. It ’s not like flying or hitting seriously,It's cool as a normal rice ballIt is a feeling.

Of course, not to say that tapioca is innovatively superior as a rice ball. If you want to give a subtle point, you can do it.

However, I think it ’s almost as difficult to use “Tapioca soy pickled rice balls” and “Meikoko rice balls” or “Konbu rice balls”. It's about that quality. Tapioca is strong.

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