An unexpected method of moving a physical server running became a topic on the net


An unexpected method of moving a physical server running became a topic on the net

Web service cannot be used due to an obstacledowntimeIs desirable for both the side providing the service and the side providing the service. However, tasks such as physically moving a server can be difficult without powering down and causing downtime. An article that achieved such physical movement of the server with "zero downtime" was posted on the overseas bulletin board Reddit and is attracting attention.

(Rant… sorta) Physically moved a server today… :sysadmin

(FAQ)(Rant… sorta) Physically moved a server today… :sysadmin

I posted an article to RedditMattmanHe said the customer asked me, "I want to move one server to another location." Mattman told the customer, "There is about 5 minutes of downtime," but the customer said, "There should be no downtime for a second." Mattman, who once refused the request under harsh conditions, decided to talk to a friend and undertake to move the server in exchange for a high reward.

The distance to move the server is about 200m. Mattman prepared for moving work with three category 6 LAN cables and three switches,Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Was a loading platform for moving the server. The three switches received power from the trucks that were parked in the parking lot, and each was connected to a LAN cable.

After setting the DNS etc. to change the access destination address,Network card (NIC)ToFailoverSet as. By connecting the LAN cable connected to the original network and the LAN cable connected to the switch to the two NICs and disconnecting the original cable, the networks were successfully separated.

Following the network, Mattman decided to connect the power supply to the UPS. Server power supply is 2 linesRedundancyThe server will not go down even if you disconnect one power cable. After disconnecting one power cable and connecting to the UPS, connect the other power cable to the UPS. Now you can separate both power supplies into the UPS on the carrier.

By separating the power supply and the network, the server can be moved. Mattman spent more than two hours carefully moving the server to his new office, swapping LAN cables for another switch. After testing for a while after the move, he was able to confirm that there was no downtime.

The server on which Mattman moved wasHyper-VSince the service was running on a virtual machine by, the comment "Isn't live migration possible?" was seen. In response to this comment, Mattman said, "We have been dealing with Hyper-V since 2003, but moving a virtual machine on Hyper-V to another server with the virtual machine running with zero downtime.Live migrationThe work to do was finally successful in 2019. I didn't have any confirmation that I could move without downtime, so I left it off this time."

In the end, Mattman and his friends spent 10 hours on a job that would only take 5 minutes if they were tolerant of downtime, so that's worth the $17,000 consulting cost. And he said he charged the work cost to the customer. In the comment section of Reddit, "The operator of this service has found 1.8 million yen worth without downtime, but there is no redundancy in the server configuration itself"opinionHas been sent.

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