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Ana snow 2 Stema riot is miscommunication, Japan Disney explained. "Parts that are not well communicated"

Progress has been made in the "Ana Snow 2 Stemma Manga Riot" that Disney fans and Frozen fans all over the country have hurt their hearts.

According to a Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. press release, the “impression” comics posted by the seven cartoonists with the same hashtag all at the same time on the afternoon of December 3 were originally by Disney. Although it should be clearly stated that it is an advertisement, it is said that “There is a part that cannot communicate with the communication between the related parties (although it has been omitted)”.

In other words, it is not a so-called stemmer or stealth marketing that is intended to give a good impression to general consumers by pretending to be an impression from a voluntary / neutral position, but it should be clearly described as an advertisement, As a result, the explanation is what seemed like a stemmer.

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