Analysts predict that Apple will release the first ARM processor-based Mac in 2021


Analysts predict that Apple will release the first ARM processor-based Mac in 2021

Analysts dealing with reliable leak information related to AppleMin Chi KuoMr,"Apple releases first Mac with ARM processor in early 2021"And predicted.

Apple to launch ARM Mac without Intel CPU in 2021, says Kuo-9to5Mac

In recent years, Apple has been focusing on proprietary chips, and the core of the iPhone and iPad has adopted the A chip, which is its own SoC, which is a major differentiator from other companies' products. You. Apple will be targeting the Mac in 2016Custom tipHas also been designed, and for several years "Apple will adopt Mac processors of its own development"WhenReportedcame.

Even Intel, which supplies processors to Apple, predicts that "Apple will transition Macs to ARM-based proprietary processors in 2020".

Intel predicts that “ Apple will migrate Mac to ARM processor in 2020 ''-gigazine

In response, Kuo said, "One of Apple's new products that will be released in the next 12 to 18 months will be Macs with proprietary processors instead of using Intel CPUs." prediction. Kuo predicts that this proprietary processor is the custom-designed ARM processor.

According to Kuo, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Apple has been “ more active '' in funding research and development and production of 5nm process chips that are expected to be installed on “ the first Mac with an ARM processor '' It has become a target. " Kuo also forecasts that the 5nm process chip will be used not only on Macs with ARM processors coming in 2021, but also on new iPhones and iPads to be announced in late 2020.

The transition of Macs from Intel processors to custom-designed ARM processors is a major change for Apple. 9to5Mac, which handles Apple-related information, says, "We can give more flexibility by fine-tuning hardware and software efficiencies to achieve the best experience," said our own ARM processor List the benefits of migrating.

In addition, developer Steve Troughton-Smith said that if Mr. Kuo's prediction is correct, the last WWDC before the Mac adopting the ARM processor will be released in 2020, so Apple is a migration kit for developers I'm hoping to announce, but tweet that there is no guarantee.

Smith said, "Two scenarios are anticipated. One is that Apple will provide developers with a migration tool at WWDC 2020 to develop apps for Macs with ARM processors, and a 12 month transition period Second, Apple will not announce the transition to ARM processors until June 2021 (so developers have given transition periods to support apps on ARM-equipped Macs). I don't get it) ", and anticipate two scenarios.

The WWDC, Apple's developer conference, is held in June every year, but in the past it has been held in May and August.

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