And 2 made in the trajectory for improvement is? Ryuu walking on Land Technology

Asteroid security of the rings from sample to bring back for the purpose, launched the Hayabusa 2 probe. The researchers,Ryuu walking on the way to the Hayabusa 2’s orbit has been noticed that that. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the Hayabusa 2’s orbit to modify the techniques presented.

【Here】Asteroids Ryuu out of the surface of the artificial craters produced in the experiment is estimated to JAXA, etc

■Diameter of only 1 km asteroid

The Earth in the neighborhood of Mountain View Group, the carbonaceous composed asteroid. The origin of life on Earth is thought to be carbonaceous, including this from the asteroid to bring back samples to the mission of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA] planned by.

Ryuu out from the surface to collect samples for the Hayabusa 2 is the diameter of only 1 km of the group to touch down you need. The destination point by touch down, and Ryuu out accurate measurements for spacecraft position and ATTITUDE information is required.

Hayabusa 2 mission to the moon orbiting satellite”Kaguya”mission was involved in the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mizusawa RISE on planetary exploration projects is involved. The position errors of hundreds of meters was point is both similar to, and from Group to consider the magnitude of the case,the position error of the touch-down occurring.

■Altimeter and camera in a more accurate trajectory to achieve

The research group,laser altimeter LIDAR data retrieved from, the Hayabusa 2 mounted on the ONC-W1 camera acquired image and tracking data for the website out for the Hayabusa 2 trajectory of improvement tried.

LIDAR is a laser using Hayabusa 2 and out of the surface to measure the distance between the can. The distance measurement value of the website out of the surface of the terrain to match all of Hayabusa 2 orbit to improve, but the shape is similar to another location identified incorrect orbit is estimated that there was a case with. This research group,ONC-W1 camera image of the tracking data to corrections, to use with.

Camera in and out of the surface of the sun to the illuminated portion of the White, and the shadows become part of the black image. This luminance information, by using the camera which direction to turn out to be that. 2 devices can be used,significant corrections are made possible.

The research group, this method is another of the small bodies missions to take advantage of to be expected.

Research more, Earth, Planets and Space Magazine 6 month 12 date online have been published. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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