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"Animated Animal Crossing" Explains Irreparable Elements, Carefully Selected Methods, and Saved Data-Engadget Japan Version

Nintendo Switch software "Atsumara Animal Crossing" released on March 20. This work enjoys a slow life with new elements and residents on an uninhabited island, but be careful as there are some things that can not be changed after proceeding with the story. In this article, we will introduce the settings that cannot be changed at the beginning.

■ Save data

Collected Animal Forest is designed to store island data on the Nintendo Switch and allow up to eight registered users to play on the same island. Up to four players can play multiplayer at the same time on a single console.

On the other hand, it is not compatible with moving (moving) data to another main unit or saving saved data (cloud save), which is a function of the paid online service Nintendo Switch Online (as of March 20 ). If you have multiple Nintendo Switch devices, first decide which device to use as the main device before playing the game.

Product siteFAQ pageTo
For Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, we are considering a function to back up save data in a form unique to this software. The response time is scheduled for this year. Details of the content and timing will be announced again.

We are examining a function to move users and save data to another main unit in a form unique to this software. The response time is scheduled for this year. Details of the content and timing will be announced again.

It seems that it will respond to data backup or moving in any form this year.

Also, since this work adopts auto save, you will not be angry by “ Mr. Reset '' a little while doing it, but you should basically think that you can not return to the original once you start the game . The first save starts when you arrive at the island, go to bed, and give your smartphone to the raccoon. By then, think about the data, "Is this terrain OK?" "Is this initial resident OK?"

If you want to start over after playing the game to a certain extent, you can delete the save data of "Amamaru @ Animal Crossing" in "Main Menu" "Settings" "Data Management" "Erase Saved Data".

■ Irreparable elements

The following elements cannot be changed after the game progresses.

  • Character name
  • Character birthday
  • Island name
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere settings
  • Information center and airfield
  • Airfield color
  • fruits

▲ The clothes worn by the character in the beginning are random.

The character's name and birthday cannot be changed, but if you get the furniture "dresser", you can change the appearance and gender of the face etc. The name of the island cannot be changed. You can also set how to read "island" with "Shima / Jima / To".

The season displayed is different between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere set at the procedure counter of the Uninhabited Island Migration Package. By the way, Japan is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

▲ Four candidates are shown for the terrain. Let's pay attention to the information center and airfield, etc. It is ant to look for unusual terrain at this point and carefully select it.

In the “land readjustment” that opens as the game progresses, you can change the location of your home or facility. You can also change the terrain with the function "Island Creator". However, information centers and airfields cannot be changed from their initial positions. In addition, there are four colors of the airfield, green, orange, blue, and yellow, which are set at random.

Fruits growing on trees growing on the island are randomly determined from five types: pears, peaches, apples, cherries, and oranges. Other types of fruits obtained from friends, for example, can be sold at high prices.

■ What are your key points in Lisemara?

There are some irreversible settings, but compared to the previous series, there are many parts that can be changed, so it seems that there is no need to carefully select them.

However, as of the release date, I have repeated the reset. The primary reason is the careful selection of the initial population. First, the two residents who live together on the island feel that there is no need to be so severe as the number of residents increases as the game progresses. That being said, since we have to deepen exchanges with the initial residents, we often select carefully for the initial residents who want to get along. After examining the candidates of the initial residents, if you look at the faces of the two people, they think "something is wrong …" and press the home button.

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