Anison world nova Ryo Akatsuki releases MV full-size song for latest album lead song “ Butterfly ''

The full-size MV of the lead song "Butterfly" of Rin Akatsuki's album "Immersive time mixed by DJ Wa" released on Wednesday, December 11, last year was lifted on Wednesday, 29th.

Steady with anime tie-up songs, such as the ED theme song "Ketsu no Tsubasa" of the TV anime "Kanada Ichi Shonen Case R" and the ED theme song "Konotate" of "Blue Exorcist", which can be said to be his representative song Rin Akatsuki, who is raising her profile.

The lead song “Butterfly” is a cover of the song “Butterfly” by Tsuki Amano [at the time of announcement, the name of Tsukiko Amano]. Released as an image song for the game "Zero-Beni Butterfly-", it is a memorable song that Akatsuki has covered with "Singing Tried" before his debut. In the MV, it is impressive to sing while struggling to find yourself under the concept of "virtual image." In fact, there is an entity [virtual image] that is staring at the side, but two people, "Rin Akatsuki," express the unrecognized state in an abstract space with a black background. In the last, Akatsuki, dressed in a kimono, appears.

The latest album contains a total of 20 anison covers by Akatsuki, who has loved anime since childhood. From the works that triggered her to know the depth of anime, such as "Sky Boundary", "Kannazuki Miko", "Uta Pokata", "Attack on Titan" and "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero" It is one piece of the whole body where songs of various animation works are selected.

The full video of the MV can be viewed from the following URL for purchasers only.

凛 Rin Akatsuki
Akatsuki and Rin. Born March 29. I love big anime since I was a child. In 2016, made a major debut with the ED theme song “Wings of Determination” of the TV animation “Kanada Kazui Shonen Case R [Returns]”. The following year, the TV anime "Blue Exorcist Kyoto Impure King" released the ED theme 2nd single "Konotate". A female vocalist who is expected to be most active now.

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