Anju and Midori Kitamura of affair report, lower head twice and enter the theater

The stage "New School Special Performance @ Eight Grave Village", where the new troupe actor Kitamura Midori [51], who reported an affair with the actress Anju Suzuki [50], will celebrate the first day on the 16th. Kitamura, who entered the theater before the show, first appeared to the press after a series of reports.

On this day, Kitamura entered the theater by taxi at about 10 minutes in the morning, about one and a half hours before the performance began. Sitting in the backseat, wearing a mask, he bowed twice to the gathering press.

Kitamura has been to a rehearsal center in Tokyo since the affair was reported in "Weekly Bunshun" released this month, but he did not show up. Performance until March 3rd. Kitamura plays Kazuko Kaneda and others.

Kitamura's wife is a former Takarazuka Revue opera Sangumi Top Star Kei Kishiro [45], and is said to have been embarrassed by her husband's affair report.

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