Anju Suzuki apologizes after the stage of affair wife

Actress Anju Suzuki [50] appeared on the stage "Joining a Lie-Everyday April Fools" at the JMS Aster Plaza in Hiroshima on the 18th.

Performed on stage for the first time since an affair with actor Midori Kitamura was reported in a weekly magazine released on the 6th.

In the performance, he performed a comically enthusiastic role for his wife, who was ironically affaird. The audience was laughing when they were told, "Do not love two people at once. You will surely be unhappy someday." In the curtain call, Sato B, who co-starred him, said, "It's only this that the audience [the audience] entered." Suzuki bowed down and apologized, "I'm sorry for the trouble," and applause was heard from the standing audience. After the show, she bowed to the waiting press with a smile and boarded a taxi.

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