Anjurum is recruiting members for the first time in 4 years at a Hello Pro

Hello! Project [Halopro] held a new year's annual Haropro member total appearance concert in Tokyo. Morning Musume. A total of 32 songs with 57 people, including BEYOOOONDS, Tsubaki Factory, Kobushi Factory, Juice = Juice and Anjurum, who won the Best Newcomer Award at the 61st Japan Record Awards last month on June 30, starting with 20, and a total of 57 people from Halo Professional Trainees Singed and excited the venue.

During the concert, Anjurum announced that he will hold an audition for the first time in about four years, entitled "Anjurum ONLY ONE Audition-I Create Me-". Leader Akuri Takeuchi [22] called on the MC to say, "We've decided to hold a new member audition!"

Last year, Ayaka Wada [25], the leader and last member, and Rina Katsuta [21] and Kana Nakanishi [22], two members, graduated. It is decided that Yuuki Funaki [17] will graduate next March. Takeuchi explained the situation: "In the second half of the year, unprecedented things happened, one after another." He asked the members who wanted to come, "I love songs, music, Anjurum, whatever I like, whatever the reason.

Takeuchi announces his goal of this year as "Effort" at the beginning. She demonstrated her three-stage calligraphy skills. "We want to work hard and work like a senior so that new members will come in," he said.

All the hello that had been announced in the concert of this day before! The "ban on jumping" at the project concert was applied for the first time.

Hello! Project leader and Morning Musume. Fukumura Seiji [Mizuki = 23], who is the leader at the `20, proposes an alternative work that bends the knee, saying" If you can go down. " Tsubaki Factory's Yume Kishimoto [19] also proposed vertical movement by bending and stretching the knees, saying, "If you can stretch from a low position."

At the concert, the audience did not see any noticeable jumping behavior, and the rhythm was raised by bending and stretching his knees, and his hands were waving and excited.

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