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We participated in the "Nebula Touch & Try Event" held at the Anchor Japan headquarters on October 27th and 28th, where you can experience the brand strategy, new product announcements, and featured products of the smart projector brand "Nebula".

We were able to touch and try new products that will be released from next month to next spring, so we will deliver the first impression.

Future brand strategy

Source: From the press release

Ayumu Saruwatari, COO of Anchor Japan, made a presentation on the future brand strategy of "Nebula".

The brand, which had been under the umbrella of "Anker" until now, became independent as the fourth business brand with the aim of expanding its business when the group's parent company "Anker Innovations" was newly listed two months ago. did. The brand's direction so far has been focusing on mobile projectors that pursue simple functions and portability, such as the blockbuster "Nebula Capsule II", starting with the "Nebula Capsule" released in 2018. But in the futureFocus on high-end stationary home projectors that are more focused on video and sound qualityI will do it.

Anchor Japan has also led the success of the audio sound "Sound Core", so expectations are high for the future development of "Nebula".

High-end home projector "Nebula Cosmos" series

From here, we would like to inform you about the new products announced this time.

The main feature of this announcement, "Nebula Cosmos Max," is a premium model home projector that has all the good features. 1500ANSI You can enjoy the vivid 4K high-quality images of Rumeln on a large screen of up to 150 inches.

I was surprised at the overwhelming beauty of the video, but personally, the good sound quality from the four speakers was goosebumps! By installing Digital Plus and Sound Dimension, deep sound spreads 360 °. It is powerful and delicate as if you were in a movie theater, and the sound quality is such that you can even hear the sound of each raindrop. It was impressive that the manufacturers were surprised at the quality.

  • Product name: Nebula Cosmos Max
  • Scheduled sales price: 179,800 yen

Anker official website

The entry-level model of the home projector, the Nebula Cosmos, delivers full HD high-quality video up to 120 inches with a brightness of 900 ANSI lumens. By making it possible to set horizontal keystone in addition to the conventional vertical direction, you can enjoy images from various angles.

It's more affordable than the "Nebula Cosmos Max", so I'd like to make a full-scale home projector debut, but the "Nebula Cosmos Max" is a little … It is a recommended product for those who say.

  • Product name: Nebula Cosmos
  • Scheduled sales price: 79,800 yen

Anker official website

"Nebula Vega & Solar" with a stylish design and full functionality

"Nebula Vega" is upward compatible with "Nebula Solar" and has slightly higher brightness and speaker output. The big difference is that the "Nebula Vega" is a mobile projector with a built-in battery, so you can enjoy up to 3 hours of video wherever you like.

On the other hand, "Nebula Solar" does not have a built-in battery and can be used as a home projector in the living room. Although the speaker performance is inferior to the "Nebula Cosmos" series, it is sufficient for a home projector.

▼ "Nebula Vega"

  • Product name: Nebula Vega
  • Scheduled sales price: 79,800 yen

Anker official website

▼ "Nebula Solar"

  • Product name: Nebula Solar
  • Scheduled sales price: 69,800 yen

Anker official website

"Nebula Astro"

An apple-sized small mobile projector developed with the concept of "enjoying with children". Since it is equipped with Android 7.1, you can watch Youtube, Netflix, etc. with this one. It also has an eye guard function that suspends projection when it gets close to the projector's light source, so it is safe for children to accidentally look into the lens. I'm glad that the price is less than 30,000 yen. This product is already on sale, so if you are interested, please check it out.

  • Product name: Nebula Astro
  • Selling price: 29,900 yen

Anker official website
Amazon store
Rakuten Ichiba store

The long-awaited TV audition is now possible!

With the collaboration of "Anker" and "IO Data", it is now possible to listen to TV with a smart projector. Compatible models are "Nebula Capsule II", "Nebula Cosmos" and "Nebula Cosmos Max". Simply download the dedicated app on your smartphone and projector and connect to the same Wi-Fi as the recording TV tuner to watch. In addition to being easy to operate on your smartphone, you can listen to the app without stopping even if it goes to the background, so you can "watch while" while using your mobile phone!

Source: From the press release

On the "IOPLAZA" direct sales site "ioPLAZA", we plan to sell a great deal of "Nebula Capsule II" and a recording TV tuner as a set from November. Check this out as well!

"IO PLAZA" direct sales site "ioPLAZA"

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