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Anker robot vacuum cleaner starts subscribing for 1078 yen per month. 2 weeks rental also 1980 yen-Engadget Japan version

Rentio, a home appliance rental service, has begun handling Anker's robot vacuum brand Eufy. The entry model "RoboVac 11S" and the top model "RoboVac L70 Hybrid" will be provided by rental service.

Of these, the entry model "RoboVac 11S" is the lowest-priced rental robot rental rental from 1078 yen [tax included, same hereafter].
Although it is a rental service, it can also be used as a so-called "subscription" and can be returned at any time after 6 months from the start of use. If you continue to rent for 24 months, you do not need to return it and you can keep it as it is.
However, the same model is sold for 17,800 yen when purchased directly from Anker, so it is cheaper to purchase it than to rent it for 24 months.

Rentio also offers a rental service for 14 nights and 15 days. In the case of RoboVac 11S, the price is 1980 yen, which is also significantly lower than the rivals such as rival products.
It will be suitable for use when you want to clean it up immediately after moving or after general cleaning, or use it for verification before purchase to see if a robot vacuum cleaner of 20,000 yen or less is practical.

The top model “ RoboVac L70 Hybrid '' is 3278 yen per month

In addition, Rentio also handles Eufy's top model, the RoboVac L70 Hybrid. This is a monthly rental [subscribe type] for 3278 yen. This also has a minimum usage period of 6 months and a transfer of ownership in 24 months.

RoboVac L70 HybridIs compatible with both suction and water wiping and has functions such as area mapping and control from the application, but it is priced lower than the rumba's middle and lower model “ Rumba 643 '' [3980 yen per month] which is a competitive product You.

The RoboVac L70 Hybrid is available for ¥ 3980 for a 14 night 15 day rental. The Anker direct sales price of the product is 54,800 yen.


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