Anna Umemiya, father's last seen, resuscitation measures until hospital arrives

Actor Ikuo Umemiya died at a hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture due to chronic renal failure at 7:40 am on the 12th. 81 years old. One daughter, Anna Umemiya [47], said she had reached the end of her father.

On this day, according to the office staff who responded to the interview at the facility in Tokyo where Mr. Umemiya was placed, Mr. Umemiya, who had been performing artificial dialysis every other day since March this year, did artificial dialysis at the hospital the day before his death. I was receiving. Mr. Umemiya said he was tired and took a nap at the hospital for about an hour, but after returning to his home in Manazuru, Kanagawa, he said he had a backache and fell asleep on the couch after 5pm. .

My wife Claudia [75] noticed something unusual at around 3am on the 12th. There was no Umemiya-san's pulse, and he was transported to a hospital in Kanagawa.

Anna, who received a sudden change from Mr. Umemiya, left Tokyo at dawn and arrived at the hospital around 7am. It was said that she had taken resuscitation measures until Anna arrived, and Umemiya-san took her breath forty minutes after being surrounded by Claudia, Anna, and her grandchildren. Anna seemed to be jealous, and spent the night at this facility close to her father.

On the 14th of tomorrow, a burial will be held in a metropolitan area.

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