Anna Umemiya “Words Cannot Be Found Now” Blog Update

Umemiya Anna [47] updated his blog at about 11:30 pm on the 12th, just 16 hours after the death of Umemiya Ikuo, and expressed her thoughts about her father who died of chronic renal failure at the age of 81 on the same day. .

Anna has frequently reported on Umenomiya's treatment and medical conditions on his blog. On this day, I left Tokyo at dawn and rushed to a hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture where Umemiya-san was urgently transported around 7:00 am. Full text below.

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to everyone

Today on December 12, early morning at Manazuru's house,

Father, Ikuo Umemiya, took his breath quietly. .

He was 81 years old. .

The last few years have been a fight against illness. .

Everyone in the family was doing their best every day. .

I cried over and over again to see my father changing. . .

Father and the person continue to feel painful. . .

I felt a lot of things. .

There are many things I want to convey.

I can't find the right words right now.

Go out in front of you, point your microphone at you,

To speak properly and reasonably,

I thought it took some time. . .

I hope you have some time. .

Once you ’ve organized your feelings,

I would like to be interviewed about these days of exuberance. .

Thank you for your warm words. .

Everyone who interacted with my father. .

The media who took up my father. .

I'm really thankful to you. .

The fans who have been worried until the end. .

Thank you very much. .

I'm really thankful to you. .


Umenomiya Anna

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