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Announced Google search rankings in 2019, number one is PayPay? Typhoon? DQ Walk?

Google announced the search rankings measured from January 1st to November 29th. First, from the soaring ranking.

Soaring ranking
1. Typhoon No.19
2. Ordinance
3. Rugby World Cup
4. Your turn
5. Dragon Quest Walk
6. Olympic tickets
7. Kyoto Animation
8. Demon blade
9. Yoshimoto Kogyo

The 1st place was “Typhoon No. 19”, which caused record heavy rains in the Kanto, Koshin, and Tohoku regions in October and caused enormous damage. Typhoon was ranked 3rd in last year's jumping ranking, and it seems that there are many users who use the Internet to collect information other than TV and radio.

Also, I want to pay attention to IT information media Engadget, the 5th place location information game dorakue walk. Senior Pokémon of the same genre, such as “ Walk Mode '' that automatically fights and collects items just by walking without looking at the screen, “ Fukubiki Gacha '' who breathed in unrelenting monetization with a too much probability It was a game that had a lot of fun different from GO.
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In addition, the ranking of “What is OO” that is often used when searching is announced.

〇〇 【What is】
1. What is PayPay?
2. What is tapioca
3. What is a white country?
4. About leprosy
5. What is mdma
6. What is Morahara
7. What is g20
8. What is the reduced tax rate?
9. What is gsomia
10. What is No Side?

From October 1st in line with the consumption tax increase, the “Cashless Point Redemption Business” led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the impact of diversified payment services will place “Pay Pay” first. The official service name is PayPay, but it is in katakana notation for ease of input. Only PayPay is ranked in order to suppress other competing services due to the 10 billion yen campaign and the large share. In November, the business integration of PayPay's parent company Yahoo and LINE was announced, so it seems to attract more attention next year. Incidentally, the first place in last year's “What is ○” ranking was virtual currency. You can see the high level of interest in new technologies that have begun to spread.
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As an extra, let's introduce overseas rankings. In the Searches category, cricket world cup related words such as “India vs South Africa” and “Bangladesh vs India” were searched in India. In the Actors category, two Japanese are ranked. The work that appeared was not a hot topic, but unfortunately it seems that a lot of searches for Erika Sawajiri and Hirofumi Arai were related to the trouble of the police.

1.India vs South Africa
2.Cameron Boyce
3.Copa America
4.Bangladesh vs India
5.iPhone 11
6.Game of Thrones
7.Avengers: Endgame
9.Notre Dame
10.ICC Cricket World Cup

1.Jussie Smollett
2.Kevin Hart
3.Joaquin Phoenix
4.Keanu Reeves
5.Lori Loughlin
6.Lauren London
7.Rami Malek
8. Erika Sawajiri
9.Brie Larson
10. Hirofumi Arai

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