Announced leukemia on Twitter in February

A swimming girl who is fighting leukemia, Reiko Ikee [19 = Renaissance] reported discharge on the official website on the 17th.


▽ Ikee's progress notes

◆ January 13, 2007 1 minute 0 seconds 41, which is 4 seconds or more later than self-recording in the first race of 19 years, 100 meters butterfly.

◆ Departed for Australian training camp on the 18th. “I want to come back with a good stimulus”.

◆ February 4 Inspect the site without fatigue.

◆ Emergency return on the 8th. She was hospitalized after being diagnosed with leukemia at the hospital.

◆ On the 12th, the company announced leukemia on its own Twitter. “I am still incredible and confused.”

◆ On the 13th, inquiries to the bone marrow bank increased rapidly. Ikee said, “I don't give God the challenges I can't overcome, I think there is no wall I can't overcome. Now I'm fighting with the support of the people around me, aiming for a complete cure. I want to do it. ''

◆ March 6 On Twitter, “It's dozens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times harder than I thought. The days I can't eat rice for more than three days continue.

◆ April 8 Announcement of entrance to Nihon University and entrance to swimming club.

◆ May 8 Official website opened. “There are times when honesty is about to break. Many words encourage me and I feel like I want to do my best until the end. I don't want to lose.”

◆ June 4 Photos of temporary discharge were posted on the official website. “Sometimes I do n’t want to go back to the hospital, but I ’m inspired by thinking that it ’s only a few months in my life.”

◆ July 4th On the official website on the 19th birthday, “I was able to experience a lot of good things when I was 18 years old.

◆ On the 23rd, three medalists of the World Championship wrote “NEVER GIVE UP” in the palm of their hand, and “thank you love you guys” on their Instagram.

◆ September 6 Support for the Japanese Student Championship for 3 consecutive days. He commented through the management company that he was very happy to win the overall boy's victory.

On November 2nd, after the rugby World Cup was closed, commented on Instagram that "Thank you so much for the excitement."

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