Announcing the base model Taikan for the Porsche Chinese market

Porsche announced the base model, the Taikan, for the Chinese market.

The color also uses pink-based frozen berry metallic, which has not been included in the Taikan color lineup. And the drive system is rear wheel drive, single motor only, 2 types of 79.2kWh and 93.4kh of option are prepared. With the standard equipment, the maximum output is 408hp, and with the option, it is 476hp. In both cases, by using the launch control, 0-100km acceleration will be 5.4 seconds and maximum speed will be 230km.

It has been announced that the cruising range of interest is 414km at 79.2kWh and 489km at 93.4kWh. This base model, the Taikan, does not have a motor on the front, so the capacity of the front trunk is expanded compared to other grades. The total capacity of the luggage room is 491 liters.

The price in China is 888,000 Chinese yuan (about 13.5 million yen)." In China, 8 is the lucky number, so it can be said that we are expecting a surge in the Chinese market. The introduction in other countries is undecided.

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