Another one of the 2019 anime four heavenly kings who like nerd geeks “ Dumbbell '' “ Shield hero '' “ Careful hero ''

I watch anime if I have time. Only that time feels like being free from reality. People around me (Nakazawa) call this. "Geek".

…… I wrote an article about “Recommended Anime” that started with such a start, but sometimes I was told “Niwaka”. So, let's claim ourselves.Thanks. I'm Nakazawa, a geek nerd.

So, in this article, I am a geeky nerdArticles to be published with dogmatic and prejudice. By the way, please note that it is a new work only.

・ Part 1 “How many kilograms of dumbbell can you hold? 』

This work begins when a high school girl joins a gym like a gold gym. It's an exercise work that makes you want to move your body when you look at it, but the content is correct and you end up hooked to see it.

However, it is actually a cause, and personallyA cute anime with a heroine's soundI think that. Everyone just wants to work with sound. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the strongest character design in 2019.

・ Part 2 "Careful Hero-This Hero is TUEEE, but I'm Too Careful"

This work where the hero becomes a hero in another world. The setting is already rolling, and the goddess ListalteTsukkomi like 80's gag mangaAt first, I felt like my heart was burning. Cool modern society, many people will be caught in the same place.

However, as the story unfolds, it's fun and I'm worried about the next, and I'm used to gagging at the last minute to see if it's slippery.In the last episode I was crying.

・ 3: The rise of the shield brave

This is also a pattern in which a hero is summoned to another world. However, three other heroes have been summoned, and the main character, Naofumi Iwatani, is a particularly small fish. Therefore, from other heroes and people from different worldsVery discriminatory.

If you are alive, I think there is a moment when everyone thinks the world is shit, but it's better than Naofumi. I was forcibly brought to a place I did not know and received severe discrimination from all over the world thereI'm forced to fight that I might die.

I felt the bad luck of Naofumi who was addicted to such a quarter until nowLink with the bad luck of your life. I think that incarnations in a different world start with the dream of "If you go to a different world with a different culture, you can reverse your life?" Feeling like that.

There is a reversal drama when the sentiment enters Naobun so far, so I can not help but push my fist up.Our Naofumi-san!When. The second and third seasons have been decided, and it's likely that everyone has raised their fists.

・ Part 4 "The girls of the rough season. 』

This work is set in the literary club of girls only in high school. The script is Mari Okada, who said, "We still don't know the name of the flower I saw that day. 』Is a scriptwriter. I was crying at everything, such as "Anohana", "Kokosake" and "Let's hold a promised flower on a goodbye morning". To Mari OkadaIf you write a non-rear youth group drama, nobody will be on the right.

However, she did not cry in this work. Because this work is rather a slapstick comedy,More and more sudden developments are increasing. For that reason, I was grinning, "Is this okay? Is it over?"

When I finished watching the last episode, I first thought that it was soft. "It was interesting …" One might be more attracted to something that is broken than perfect. I feel that the drawing was more beautiful and the streak was firmer than this,2019 is the last thing to remember.

For better or worse, it's like a roller coaster,Where there is a sharp line that pierces one per episode, as expected, the scriptwriter Mari Okada. We look forward to the next work.

── Above, we have delivered the 2019 Anime Shitenno, who loves “Niwaka”. Of course, this is just my dogma and prejudice. If you like this work, it doesn't mean shy, and every shy doesn't mean you like this work, so I hope you understand it.

57 years since Tezuka Osamu laid the foundation for Japanese TV animation. The industry has expanded and anime is no longer just for nerds. An era where anime is an option as one of ordinary entertainment.

In such an era only, light users would be the most common. The person who controls “Snow” controls the age. Well, which anime will win 2020?

writing:Seiji Nakazawa

Photo: (C) 2019 Sandrovich Yabako, MAAM, Shogakukan / Silverman Jim, (C) Saturday / Sunday / Toyota Triangle / KADOKAWA / Careful Hero Production Committee, (C) 2019 Aneko Yusagi / KADOKAWA / Shield hero production Committee,

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