AOKI, Summer "Double Antibacterial/Washable Cool Mask" 3rd Lottery Sale Starts Today from June 29! Available for 20,000 People | AppBank

AOKI'sDouble antibacterial/washable coolmask』The 3rd lottery sale started today on June 29th.

Second lottery sale of double antibacterial and washable cool mask

AOKI Co., Ltd. will hold the third lottery sale of "Double antibacterial and washable cool mask"Official online shopIt started today from 10:00 on June 29th.

The "double antibacterial/washable cool mask" has been improved to the specifications that keep the antibacterial effect as it is, except for one layer to improve breathability and prevent stuffiness. In addition, it is a mask that has been UV cut so that it can be used even in the summer when the sun is a concern.

The price is 4,000 yen [tax excluded] for 20 pieces. 200 yen per piece.

This time, which is the third time, there are 20,000 participants. This is the final lottery sale. If you want it, don't forget to apply.

"Double antibacterial and washable cool mask" lottery sales schedule

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