Apartment prices rise following a real estate price index, 59 consecutive months year-on-year rise

Olympic and inbound-related redevelopment in the real estate market has remained strong as well. Last year 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics the previous year and other reasons mainly in Central Tokyo real estate, the seller of the trend is stronger real estate prices plunged in and called the 2019 issue of concern has been so far such data are not seen.

Last month 29, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and transport real estate price index(令和 first 10 months・3rd quarter minutes)is made public. As you can see,19 years 10 month of real estate price index・Housing General increased less than 0. 1%increase of 112. 0, and almost unchanged while a slight increase in 59 consecutive months of the previous year to rise by.

Breakdown of view, residential area 1. 2%reduction 99. 3, detached housing is 1. 1%decrease of 100. 5,on the other hand the apartment is a 3%increase of 147. 4 and continue a high standard maintain the upward trend continues. The apartment price index found that 18 years 10 months 143. 1 was 19 years and 8 months 147. 4 rise,9 months 146. 9 to a slight decline for 10 months again 147. 4 and 8 on the level of recovery.

Quarterly commercial real estate price index changes and,18 in the 3rd quarter of the total is 124. 2, 19 in the 1st quarter of 124. 4, Q2 122. 4, the first 3 quarter 124. 0 and remain high, the trend is like that.

Metropolitan alternative housing total for the year to see, and the South Kanto area is 0. A 3% rise in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government 1. 2%increase in the Nagoya area is 1. 7%rise in Aichi Prefecture is 0. 4% increase in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area is 0. 3%Rise, of which Osaka is 1. 7%increase, and all of the area rise as well.

Block a different look and Hokkaido region 12. 9%, Shikoku in 8. 9%of the significant rise is seen on the other hand,in the Region 4. 7%of a larger decline is seen in the other,the Kanto region is 0. 7%,the Hokuriku region is 1. 5%,the Kinki region is 0. 1%of each fall and,depending on the region, where as seen only.

Three major Metropolitan areas in the store May 7. 4%,Office 5. 4% of the significant rise in urban areas, the redevelopment of a strong performance behind to speak to.

Apartments in recent years has been centered on the real estate price rise movements in the background of an increasing number of foreign investors has also been pointed out, the Olympics end before I move from the attention required seems. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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