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New product to be released on Tuesday, February 4Apollo my style』I will deliver a prior actual food review.

Adult chocolate is perfect for office work!

Last year, it cut 25% of the sugar usage fee compared to the regular Apollo, which celebrated its 50th anniversary.Apollo my style]Will be released on February 4 (Tuesday).

This time, I had such an "Apollo my style" one step ahead, so I tried to eat it with Apollo.

Eat two types of Apollo

First, check the package.

Pouch package often found at convenience stores. Since it is self-supporting and has a zipper, it is the perfect form for desk work like a little bit.

Normal Apollo is the same familiar box as before.

By the way, the content is usually 46g for Apollo and 41g for "Apollo my style".

When I put out all of "Apollo my style", it looks like this.

It is glossy because it has a hard-to-reach coating.

The size of one grain is usually larger than Apollo.

The difference is that the color of the strawberry is dark.

First of all, I usually eat from Apollo.

As soon as you put it in your mouth, the taste of strawberry chocolate spreads quickly and melts quickly. The sweetness was so delicious as it was in the past.

Next, "Apollo my style".

Because it is larger than usual, there is a chewing response. And the strawberry part is sour and sour, and the “strawberry feeling” is increasing!

Sweetness is modest, but nothing is missing!の It's sweeter than I expected, and the strawberry taste is deep, so I'm satisfied with one grain.

“Apollo my style”, which is likely to be useful as a Valentine's friend chocolate, will be released on February 4 (Tuesday) because the package is cute. The price is 150 yen + tax.

If you used to eat Apollo when you were young, but haven't eaten recently, please take this opportunity to look for it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Official site:Apollo my style | Meiji Co., Ltd.

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