Apologize for the inconvenience that the note and IP address can be confirmed.

Note announced on August 14 that there was a bug in the media platform "note" operated by the company that the IP address of the article contributor could be confirmed.

According to the company, the IP address that the note user most recently logged in was able to be confirmed from the source code of the article detail page. The target is note users who have a note account and have posted 2 or more articles. This has led to the emergence of users who identify their IP addresses from celebrity notes, mainly on SNS, and associate them with posts on other sites or anonymous bulletin boards.

Note that, because of the mechanism, the IP address can only be determined by which ISP assigned it, and it is not possible to specify personal information only by the address. In note as well, he announced that "I can not obtain personal information such as the address of a specific individual by IP address", and "I can not conclude that the history of accessing other sites using IP address is the person himself" ".

 The company temporarily suspended the service from 10:48 on the 14th and fixed it so that the IP address and session information could not be viewed from the outside. It was restored at 11:56. According to the company's public relations department, the leak of personal information due to this defect has not been confirmed.

Note provides support including legal measures for creators who suffered defamation due to this defect. Measures to prevent recurrence are currently under consideration.

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