App and a Desk with sitting too to the key

Office equipment in the manufacture and sale of to size Day 4,dedicated app and electric up and down lifting and lowering the Desk”toiro (the process)”to work together for a long time, sit down and continue with the Desk top plate to slightly move the body, move by a warning that the service was started. Site is physique and to match the use, height 65 cm to 125 cm in the top plate to freely and easily change a Desk to sit in too of a person standing on the work Desk away move your body to encourage this and to promote good health.

【Here】The key is living in to do the work of folding Desk”ONOFF(on off)”released

Smartphone, you don’t have to”sit””stand””walk”and office in the activities of measuring, and working to quantify the application”Workcise(one size)App”to download and Bluetooth integration. Desk top Board with QR code smartphone read more services immediately available.

Specifically, the network size for a long time sit too long to determine, the Desk top plate about 1 cm up or down by moving the body like a warning. App table top height quickly changed to, it will stand up to continue to work, you’ll have the chance to do just that.

The top plate is registered to the height and the optimum height to adjust it to their own, we fine-tune is not necessary.

Also, the app has a timer function, the Desk moving at the end of the meeting announce the time to you can.

The key, according to the Standing work,sitting work than when concentration is high, calories also 1. 5 times. Because of this, the sit too has a negative impact on the health of not only productivity and creativity and reduce.

The company is sitting too because of the elimination of electric up and down lifting and lowering the Desk develop and introduce a company that is also growing, but actually a Desk top plate to move the body to the movement of people is less and this challenge was.

The key is”the action of cooperation by the awareness of the people working or change their behavior or not. We will continue to work people,working from a healthy environment is working well”as that.

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