Apparel 4 on sales,the workpiece and of the ions plus 21 companies minus the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank if monthly sales are released apparel 23 companies to aggregate and analyze this,4 months of sales,21 companies in the previous year was negative, as well as the year-on-year 9% of the was apparel companies also also.

【Here】Major Department stores 3 month sales bulletins,new Corona in 4 割前 after the substantial decrease in

■The workpiece and of the ions 2 companies only compared to the same period the previous year plus

13, the Teikoku data Bank apparel such as clothing to sell listed companies[listed on the group’s core business], from the monthly sales figures published by the 23 Company about 4 month to aggregation and analysis. 4 month about the monthly sales of the year plus became a store,all stores and 23 out of 2 companies only was.

Was 2 Inc. is listed on JASDAQ of the network and the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section field of the ions. The two companies,”featured with clothing and non-apparel goods earnings contributed to”and analyzing. The ions existing stores compared to the same month the previous year 2. 1%increase,all the same 1. 0%increase. On the other hand, the store is the same 5. 7% increase, all the same 7. 8%increase was.

■23 companies 4 companies in existing stores 8% greater minus

On an existing store basis, the most negative was greater,”the STUDIOUS”,”UNITED TOKYO”, such as dealing with the TSE 1st section place of TOKYOBASE, in the year 92. 5%decrease. One of the[on an existing store basis compared to the same period the previous year:91.4%, the same below], TSI Holdings [87.2 percent], world [84.5%reduction]and the 4 companies 8 percent more than was negative.

Then,turn on the lights[79.6%decrease], Cox [77.1 percent], Hawks queue[75.6 percent], non-Executive[72.9%], on the Jeans Mate[72.0 percent], Kona coffee [71.6 percent], followed by, among other things 23 out of 19 companies have more than 50% of the minus. Minus less than 50% closure of AOKI Holdings [37.2%decrease], or more[28.1%decrease] of the 2 company was.

■All stores are 5 companies 8 percent more than in the

All stores based in the most negative was greater, and the 91. 1%decrease. In TSI Holdings [all based compared to the same period the previous year:90.1%decrease], TOKYOBASE[86.6 percent], the light will be turned on[80.2%decrease], and media[81.1 percent] of the 5 company’s existing store base 8% Greater was negative. Existing stores and all stores and numbers that there is a difference of more than 50% negative and 23 out of 19 companies and the same. Or minus less than 50% closure of AOKI Holdings [49.0%decrease], or more[27.9 percent] of the 2 company was.

EC[such as the Internet, e-Commerce]many companies were on the other hand, significantly reduced sales to compensate but this did not reach. However, brick and mortar only sales of public companies, because the article is implicit, the EC minutes with the addition in companies that do not is a sales plus in the future. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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