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There are two types of people in the world. People who like spicy food and people who are not good at it. The writer is the former. I was thrilled by the letters on the package, such as "spicy spicy" and "exciting spicy," and I just bought it. On June 8, 220 yen (excluding tax) for "Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big" was released. Is it because it happened to be hot that day? The mysterious challenge spirit is raised and purchased. Do you do it yourself! Can you do it!

"Cup noodle miso" has become a standard

Looking back, when the "Cup Noodle Miso Mini" appeared in 2018, it became a hot topic. The writer bought it immediately and enjoyed the forbidden carbohydrate collaboration, saying, "This goes well with rice balls." Japanese soul food miso. It was so familiar that it was strange that it was not in the lineup until then. The regular size is now on sale and is gaining popularity. This time, it is a spicy version of such miso. I am wondering if it will be a product that will continue to be loved by hot parties.

If I could go back to that day…

If you take a closer look at the packaging, you can see that the miso character is burning.

And what? Hotness level 5.

I regret myself that I could not make a normal decision at the time of purchase.

When the lid is opened, it does not give off a stimulating scent. I'm not sure that this is a bad guy. However, the red objects that appear and disappear here and there inspire the fear of the unknown.

The three minutes after pouring hot water was a difficult time to describe with curiosity and anxiety. I think I had a rugged look that people shouldn't see.

The red pepper that chases forever

The timer rang and I tried to open the frightening lid. I can't stop feeling spicy with a visually unpleasant visual.

When you stir, it looks like this.

Forget about me with its appetizing scent and make the noodles smooth. Buhhhhhhh!

Please do not rinse as much as possible. You can definitely do it. As you can see, a little bit of noodles will make the red pepper stick to you.

This is 5. Level 5 no matter what. Even though it seems that I will soon be spoiled by the spiciness that I can imagine, I scrape the soup.

Uooo! After all it is spicy! When the unknown number of level 6 began to flicker, hey? And notice how delicious the soup is. It's a addictive taste that doesn't get tired even though it has a rich flavor. I know it's spicy, but it's addictive that makes me want to sip a bit more. In addition to the meat-based seasoning, fish sauce and niboshi powder are also used, and the secret ingredient is Japanese pepper. It is a miso soup that you can enjoy a refreshing and complex taste even though it has a punch, combining the taste of garlic and ginger.

Searching for corn with a refreshing feeling

The home on the other side, the window in the back alley, I can't be here…

Have you ever lived and searched for corn like this?

There are moments when you want sweetness enough to make you want to chase corn.

I also asked for help from minced pork, but it was transformed into a spicy mass that sucked in spicy soup. Have you been dyed…

I tried putting natto

When I finished eating about half, I remembered the topical arrangement. Yes, natto.

If you don't know it, you might be surprised at how sane it is, but it's a typical arrangement of 200 yen (excluding tax) for "Mengko Tanmen Nakamoto Spicy Miso," which is also famous for its spicy cup noodles. It's super major among the hot parties. The writer who was originally addicted to this god arrangement. Since it is the same miso base, I tried to challenge it with spicy miso.

In the case of Mongolian tanmen, 2 packs of natto are recommended, but this time we will try 1 pack for the time being. I did not put the attached sauce.

The sticky noodles of natto are made into turtulu noodles that are soothing.

The thickness of the soup makes it easier to entangle with the noodles and you can enjoy the rich flavor.

The same fermented food, miso and natto. As it fits in comfortably, it is truly. The spiciness became mild, and the meal was completed in no time.

I didn't give it to natto because I gave it a spiciness. I just like this arrangement (let's just say…).

I think it is ants to put eggs in addition to natto. The rich miso soup is delicious, so it's a good idea to put rice in the remaining soup and put it in brackets. You can also put cheese on it.

I think that there are various kinds of "spicy" in a bite. The "Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big" introduced this time was a dish that you can fully enjoy the spiciness of sweating peppers. Even poorly metabolized authors, who dislike physical activity above all else, will perspire with perspiration on their foreheads when they finish eating.

If you can eat "Mongol Tanmen Nakamoto Spicy Miso" deliciously, I think that you can also eat spicy miso deliciously. However, unlike the Mongolian tanmen, it does not come with an attached oil whose spiciness can be adjusted, so you will enjoy the level 5 condition from the beginning to the end. In that respect, it may be said that the spicy miso is spicy. If you are worried about putting a stimulant into your stomach, coat with milk or soy milk beforehand. The effect is unknown, but it is different in terms of feeling (I have verified it).

Manufacturing: Nissin Foods
Product Name: Cup Noodle, Spicy Miso Big
Suggested retail price: 220 yen (excluding tax)
Official site:Cup Noodle Super Spicy Miso Big | Nissin Foods Group

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