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Suntory Tennensui Sparkle "Ginger & Caffeine" is here! ♪ If you want to do your best, we recommend the refreshing carbonated water with caffeine♪

Suntory Mineral Water Sparkle "Ginger & Caffeine"

It has increased in the last few yearsCarbonated water that is not sweet.. The mainstream is citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit, but this time we would like to introduce "Ginger & Caffeine". A strong carbonated sugar-free drink containing domestic ginger and coffee-derived caffeine.

Caffeine content is 75 ml per bottle. It is 15 mg per 100 ml, which is a low value compared to general energy drinks. I'm glad that you can feel safe even after drinking.

Refreshing carbonated water is recommended at work!

When you pour it into a cup, the scent of ginger will rise softly. It has almost the same scent of ginger ale.

When I drank it, it was crisp and dry. Ginger's peculiar spiciness that tightens the throat is outstanding. It's strong carbonic acid, so it's also stimulating, and it's an awkward impression.

Until I drank it, the scent was ginger ale, so I felt it about three times by the time I finished drinking it. I'm scared to think (laughs).

It's a refreshing taste, so I think it's excellent as a drink, but I personally recommend it as a desk work companion. I feel that the taste that heats the back of my throat and tightens it tightly will help to tighten my body and contribute to my concentration. I wasn't really aware of caffeine, but it's an awakening taste, so maybe it helps.

There is no doubt that the refreshing dry sugar-free carbonated water will play an active part in the coming season of hot weather and hot summer. By all means for work or outings♪

Manufacturer: Suntory
Product Name: Mineral Water Sparkle Ginger & Caffeine
Suggested retail price: 150 yen
Release date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Official site:Suntory Mineral Water SPARKLE Ginger & Caffeine Product Information (Calories and Raw Materials) Suntory

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