Appeared as the driver of Kudkan in the final round of NHK “Idaten”

The final episode of NHK ’s Taiga drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic IV” [Sunday 8pm] was broadcast on the 15th, expanding the broadcast frame from the usual 43 minutes to about 57 minutes. Mr. Kankuro Miyato was also excited to appear as a taxi driver.

The audience rating was sluggish, and the October 13 broadcast recorded 3.7% [Kanto area], the lowest in the history of the Taiga drama. In addition, the scandals of the performers were overwhelming. On the other hand, there were not a few voices that supported the content if it was not bad.

The final round was drawn from the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on October 10, 1964, with occasional interweaving footage of the time. When the second half of the hero, Tabata politics [Abe Sadao] stood at the stand of the national stadium, the first half of the hero, Kinzo Nakamura [Nakamura Kankuro], appeared in the first half. Start from the scene where the hero meets each other. After that, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics began, a large chorus of “Many years old” took place at the stand, and Blue Impulse was drawing the Olympics in the Tokyo sky.

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