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Apple acquires UK startup to improve iPhone photo quality (Bloomberg report)-Engadget Japan edition

According to Bloomberg reports, the British authorities have announced that Apple's internal lawyer Peter Denwood has been appointed as a director of the company. On the other hand, it is reported that "other advisors and directors have been fired."

These reports indicate that Apple has acquired Spectral-Bloomberg claims. In fact, similar notifications are made by Apple.Rumored to have acquired a motion capture companyIt was also confirmed (Denwood's treatment is the same).

The purchase price isn't clear, but Spectral announced last year that it had raised more than $ 5 million. Apple has not responded to Bloomberg's request for comment by way of example.

Spectral's technology is based on machine learning and image fusion technology, which combines photos taken with smartphones with infrared photos to improve image quality.Crunchbase"The patented image fusion technology that incorporates deep learning will further enhance the color, detail and clarity of every image," the company's page.

US TechCrunch articleExample of image improvement by Spectral Edge introduced in

It's hard to imagine the possibility that Apple acquired Spectral to improve the iPhone camera app. For example, Smart HDR adopted from iPhone XS / XS Max and Deep Fusion of iPhone 11 series use machine learning to improve image quality.

Since the beginning of this year, Apple has acquired a significant number of startups. In February, he acquired digital marketing startup DataTiger. In JunePurchased, an autonomous driving technology developmentIt was rumored that the self-driving car development project “Project Titan” would be strengthened.

iPhone 11 series is also in US criticsAlthough the improvement in camera performance was highly appreciated,Samsung is against thisThe next flagship Galasy S11 (provisional) will greatly enhance the cameraThen it is seen. Camera competition among major smartphone companies is likely to become even more intense in 2020.

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