Apple also participated in CES — CES 2020 Privacy Roundtable

In the middle of CES, rumors about Apple's next-generation products flowed every year, usually taking away paper from companies that talked about at CES, but it seems that there was no noticeable movement in January 2020 It is.

自身 Apple itself may have participated in the CES privacy roundtable and demonstrated its presence.

セ ッ シ ョ ン Jane Horvath, senior director of global privacy from Apple, attended the session on January 7. Notable was the confrontation with Erin Egan, head of Facebook's global privacy and data policy team. Regarding Facebook's privacy issue, Apple has shown an indirect but critical position, and Tim Cook CEO also put forward “ I am not a regulatory theoryist '', suggesting the need for legal regulations on data collection There was a scene to do.

However, Horvath did not directly criticize Egan or Facebook. After a long time at CES, questions to Apple seemed to focus on Horvath.

Apple values ​​privacy. Specifically, we've been preparing from the chip level to keep customer data off the iPhone, but to benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, Safari and map apps have succeeded in personalizing smart enough using information in their devices without having to collect data in the cloud by logging in.

て い る I've fully explained what Apple is doing, but for example, Facebook, which has spread privacy issues, is also available through the App Store as an iOS app running on the iPhone. Of course, I do not think that Apple should take responsibility, but it is also true that Apple has approved the Facebook application that had privacy issues in the App Store, and strengthened the mechanism to protect user privacy as a mechanism in the future. I have to go.

Notify users in this way that your app uses location information

Notify users in this way that your app uses location information

However, when iOS 13 becomes equipped with a mechanism to notify users that applications use location information on a daily basis, the use of location information of various applications is frequently reported as notifications and acknowledged Or not. It depends on the number of apps you use, but if you get notifications about apps that use location information more than once a day, honestly, I'm not alone.

も It is reliable to check, but I feel that it is better to examine it a little more as a user experience. However, I was more than able to understand that my location information was used so much. This measure, which appears to be a rough cure that sacrificed the user experience, may have been what Apple aimed for.

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