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Apple and the Advertising Industry Conflict over iOS 14'Request Permission for Tracking'-Engadget Japan



In the next iOS 14, privacy protection will be further strengthened,User permission required for tracking by all applicationshave become. Since OS 13 was only detecting the tracking application, it can be said that it is a more advanced measure.

Sixteen digital ad groups in Europe are reportedly criticizing Apple for this change.

The criticism, according to Reuters, is a claim that Apple has not adopted the licensing standards required by European law. In other words, in the EU, apps need to request GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] compliant tracking permission, but iOS 14 permission is also required separately. As a result, users who have been asked for permission a total of two times have an increased risk of denying tracking.

Some of the ad groups that criticize Apple are reportedly endorsed by Facebook and Google. Both companies capture and build on consumers' online habits and interestsPersonalized advertisingIt is the largest of the group that distributes, and is the opposite of Apple in tracking.

However, Apple has taken the stance that it is not criticized in the first place, as it has already provided a free tool that can measure the effectiveness of advertisements using anonymous aggregated data and does not issue popups [requesting permission] ..

Brandon Van Ryswy, a privacy technician at the company, also explained in a video of the measurement tools at the developer conference WWDC, "It's designed to not track users, so you don't have to request permission to do so." It was

While personalized advertisements that show recently checked items or items of interest, etc. are convenient for some people, not a few users feel a strong resistance. In the future, Apple product users will be able to finely control tracking for each app, and accordingly, major advertising companies such as Facebook and Google may be forced to modify their business model.



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