Apple announces "Apple Design Award", 8 original works selected

On June 29, Apple announced the developers of applications and games that received the Apple Design Award, which recognizes apps that incorporate new and original ideas. A total of 8 sets were honored in the application section and the game section.

  • WWDC's annual "Apple Design Award" was announced this year as well

The first application is a photo editing application that supports RAW images.Darkroom(2,100 yen per year). The feature is that it is designed so that even people who do not have knowledge of photography can operate it intuitively, but it also incorporates functions that satisfy professionals. It's a work that can be called a model for high-end mobile editing tools.

  • "Dark room"

The second part of the application is the enjoyment of hand-drawn animation production.Looom(1,220 yen). The unique interface is designed to be enjoyed by both experienced and beginners, and was highly evaluated for its creativity.

  • "Looom"

The third part of the application section is the powerful CAD application for iPad.Shapr3D(In-app purchase). With an iPad and Apple Pencil, you can easily create complex 3D models anywhere. Later this year, the iPad Pro's LiDAR scanner will be used to automatically generate accurate 2D floor plans and 3D room models, which can then be used as base models for room renovations and extensions.

  • "Shapr3D"

The fourth part of the application section is to convert handwritten musical scores into digital musical scores.StaffPad(11,000 yen). The converted score can be edited intuitively with touch operation or Apple Pencil, and the created score can also be played back with an orchestra sound source.

  • "Staff Pad"

The first part of the game is Apple Arcade's “Sayonara Wild Hearts". With vividly colored surreal stages, captivating visuals and motion, and thrilling and flashy gameplay, it's still one of the early masterpieces of Apple Arcade.

  • "Sayonara Wild Hearts"

The second part of the game is "Sky children spinning stars(In-app purchase). A multiplayer adventure game with a unique worldview, it has a reputation for beautiful graphics and music.

  • "Sky children spinning stars"

The third part of the game is "Song of Bloom(250 yen). This puzzle game is characterized by handmade graphics, and its novel and deep contents are highly supported by adults.

  • "Song of Bloom"

The fourth part of the game is Apple Arcade's “Where Cards Fall". It is a puzzle game in which you create a house with cards and dig up memories of your childhood.

  • "Where Cards Fall"

Over the past 20 years, more than 250 developers have been honored with the Apple Design Award. This time as well, with the selection of indie developers, it showed that excellent apps can be created without large capital and many people.

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