Apple announces CM "From Beyond Mac", which summarizes "MacBook" anime appearance scenes. "Kenro no Kiko" and "Keroro Gunso" are also available | AppBank – iPhone, Find the Fun of Your Smartphone

Apple Japan launches new commercialBeyond the Mac — a story not yet in this worldHas been released.

CM that summarizes the animation appearance scene “ From beyond the Mac ''

Apple Japan unveiled a new commercial "Beyond the Mac — A Story Not Yet in This World" on its official YouTube channel on February 27.

“Beyond the Mac — A Story Not Yet in This World” is a commercial that summarizes the anime appearance scenes of MacBook.

You can check out a lot of anime-like Mac-like laptops such as the movies "Your Name", "Kenoko no Ko", "Keroro Gunso", and "Osomatsu-kun". To do].

What kind of work has appeared? If you are interested, check out the video!

Beyond the Mac — a story not yet in this world

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V85CQzsyvj4 [/ embed]

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