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Apple announces news release of "New Era of Service". End-of-year App Store sells over $ 1.4 billion-Engadget


Apple today announced a news release on the status of the App Store and other services.

The company's service business is growing steadilyWas occasionally touched and toldAccording to Eddie Kew, Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services, "" 2019 has been a major leap in the service business since Apple's history began. " It has been reported that growth has accelerated further from the end of the year to the beginning of the year. Last year, Apple launched new services such as Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, Apple News +, and Apple Card. Apple News +, which offers unlimited news and magazine reading, and Apple Card, a credit card, are waiting to be offered in Japan.

The highlight of this report is the App Store's unstoppable performance.Already more than 500 million visitors every week in 2017Apple has paid more than $ 70 billion to developers since it opened in 2008, but as of January 2020, the latter has reached more than $ 155 billion. One-fourth of this revenue is only in the past year of 2019, meaning "about three or more years of history have been earned in one year."

In particular, the year-end growth was particularly strong, with sales of $ 1.42 billion between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, up 16% from 2018. It sold $ 386 million on New Year's Day in 2020, an increase of 20% over last year, and a new daily unit price.

And the flat-rate music distribution service Apple Music is currently offering more than 60 million songs in 115 countries and regions, and it can be said that it is a tremendous spread speed in about five and a half years from the start of the service in June 2015 You. In 2019, it is said that 50% of users used the feature to display lyrics while listening to the highlighted song in iOS 13.

In addition, for the flat-rate game service Apple Arcade, "In addition to games that won awards such as" Sayonara Wild Hearts, "" Assemble with Care "and" Mini Motorways, ", new games will be added every month in 2020. I do. " Since it has only just begun in September 2019 and the day is still short, there is a feeling that it is only a statement of future aspirations.

On the other hand,Top free game rankings [basic free]ToMario Kart Tour is growing rapidlyWith powerful titles such as "Dragon Quest Walk" and popular RPGs, it has further strengthened its position as an iPhone game platform. In addition to itTop of practical applicationLast year, there are also some people who have created a social sensation in connection with the huge installed base of the iPhone, such as PayPay, a representative smartphone payment application, and TikTok, a short video sharing application that is talked about a lot.

This release doesn't mention sales [probably because most users have a free trial], but it's also interesting how Apple TV +, a video distribution service released later last year, will compete with competing services like Netflix and Disney + By the way.


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