Apple announces plans to mount its own chip on "Mac" at WWDC

 Apple surprised the world of technology by revealing in 2010 that it has developed a unique chip called "A4" for the newly announced "iPad" tablet. And in 2020, the company may surprise the world again by announcing that it will replace the processor in the "Mac" with a self-developed chip.


By: Sarah Tew/CNET

 This move means that Apple is going to stop installing Intel processors on at least some Macs. Apple announced the switch to an Intel processor in 2005, and since then Intel products have been used in the "MacBook Air" and others.

BloombergArticles dated June 9thApple will officially announce plans for a Mac processor switch at the developer conference WWDC 2020, scheduled for June. The conference is currently scheduled to take place online from June 22nd. However, regarding the timing of the announcement of the proprietary processor, Bloomberg said that the spread of the new coronavirus infection may affect Apple's production system, so it may change.

By mounting a self-developed chip on the Mac, Apple will be able to realize a product that is even smaller, thinner, and has a long battery life. Until now, the company has designed a new fan to keep the laptop's temperature low, a seamless housing called "Unibody", a new keyboard that realizes a thin screen and hinges, etc. while maintaining the partnership with Intel. I've been

According to industry observers, if Apple could install the company's highly acclaimed "A series" chip on Mac, it would be possible to realize energy-efficient products.

The company's latest chip "A13 Bionic" is installed in "iPhone 11" and "iPhone SE". This chip was originally developed by the company based on the ARM design. The ARM design has also been adopted as the basis for chips developed by Samsung, Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Rumors about Apple's move away from Intel have been flowing for years. For example, in April 2018, it was reported that Apple was developing its own processor for the "MacBook" and "iMac." In fact, if this shift is made, a Mac-like processor strategy similar to the iPhone and iPad will be adopted.

According to Bloomberg, Apple tested Macs with ARM-based chips and found improvements in apps that used graphics performance and artificial intelligence [AI] over previous devices with Intel chips. That. With this new chip, Mac notebooks may be even thinner and lighter in the future.

 Apple is developing at least three types of Mac processors, and the first Mac equipped with these may appear in 2021.

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