Apple buys Dark Sky, a maverick who changed the common sense of weather forecasts

Apple has added Dark Sky, the world's most popular weather app "Dark Sky Weather". Apple is already the developer of Dark Sky Weather on Apple's App Store and will continue to offer the iOS version. Android and Wear OS apps are no longer available and will be available to existing users until July 1, 2020.

Dark Sky is a weather category app, but it calls itself a "weather radar" rather than a weather forecast app. While the app offers a week's worth of weather forecasts, Dark Sky is showing its power today and analyzing short-term weather changes, such as minutes or hours later. It provides minute-by-minute predictions, for example, "It may rain after 8 minutes, and that condition lasts 15 minutes and lasts 25 minutes."

Unlike regular weather forecasts, which predict when it will rain during the day, Dark Sky's minute-by-minute analysis is unlikely to be the case. This information contains "errors and uncertainties" that were avoided by the common sense of weather forecasts up to that point, and it is up to the user how to use that information. It's an unfriendly weather app, but one that could keep track of the weather around you quickly became a hot topic. For example, "It's sunny and I want to walk for 30 minutes." Even if there is an error, Dark Sky's weather analysis can help. In places with height differences, such as the Grand Canyon, differences in weather and temperature appear even in a small area. Dark Sky can tell you that difference. GPS-enabled smartphones and hyper-local Dark Sky weather analytics work well together, making it the top weather app in Europe and the United States.

  • Dark Sky app predicts weather changes in the next hour in minutes

    “ Light rain may stop within one minute, '' Dark Sky Weather app, minute-by-minute weather forecast is useful

Dark Sky processes data from more than 140 weather Doppler radars from the National Weather Service to provide U.S. weather analysis. The app makes it possible to check weather changes with map animations, and is also highly evaluated for visualizing weather data.

In addition to apps, it provides websites and APIs, and provides weather forecasts, maps, and embedded codes for websites until July 1, 2020. We will no longer accept new APIs and continue to provide services until the end of 2021. It's not clear what Apple got for Dark Sky, but APIs and related data processing operations seem to be more valuable to the company than apps.

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