Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Japan and talks with Gen Hoshino at a tavern

It looks like Apple's CEO Tim Cook is visiting Japan. On December 8th, Tim Cook's official Twitter account was posted with Hoshinohara, a singer (musician), actor and writer.

Tim Cook, CEO, along with the comment that "Hello Tokyo!" On December 8, Tweet photos of Tokyo Tower. Later, photos of interacting with developers including Masako Wakamiya, who was invited as the oldest app developer at WWDC 2017, and photos of deepening exchanges with researchers at Keio University have been uploaded. A photo of Tim Cook CEO and Mr. Hoshinohara laughing while eating at an izakaya was posted with the comment "It was fun!"

In the tweet, CEO Tim Cook said he would be grateful for Gen Hoshino showing how to realize his creative vision, and added “Loved the izakaya too!” (I love izakaya too!). It was. Hoshinohara also retweets the tweets from CEO Tim Cook.

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