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Apple engineers detail the new Mac Pro cooling system. What is the reason for many holes? -Engadget Japanese version

John Ternus, Vice President of Hardware Engineering and Chris Ligtenberg, Senior Director of Product Design and Architecture, worked on the cooling system of the new Mac Pro at Popular Mechanics of overseas technical media Talking.

For general high-grade PCs and displays, a cooling system that makes a loud noise, such as a large fan or pump-driven water cooling, is included in the options, but on the Mac, "Infinitely Silent" is a line that should be guarded. Under such constraints, he said he had to find a new approach to “utilize the laws of thermodynamics” in order to maximize the tremendous processing power of the new Mac Pro.

For example, the dynamic internal cooling of the new Mac Pro consists of three axial fans installed inside the front of the case and a blower on the back. The CPU and GPU coolers are fanless during the announcement in June.This is the only cooling systemI was surprised.

All three axial fans are said to have been developed in-house because the off-the-shelf fans are too large.

According to Ligtenberg, “fans have been relocated a few years ago”. “They are dynamically balanced, but the BPF (blade passage frequency / wind noise frequency) is actually randomized, so there is no high frequency that seems very annoying.” It is.

The solution that brings it closer to the noise was applied almost entirely from automobile tires. “We aimed for a great performance so that we couldn't hear it, or even if it was heard, it was a kind of pleasant noise. We put a lot of analysis into optimizing it,” recalled. The

To help such a dynamic internal cooling system is passive cooling, a metal case with plenty of holes in the front and back to ensure sufficient airflow. “This pattern gives a lot of surface area. It is very useful,” emphasizes the usefulness of the whole cooling hole.

The Pro Display XDR also has a cooling hole, but if it is a normal hole, rotating it 90 degrees will reduce airflow. It is said that by making it a hemispherical hole, air flowed in the same way in either direction.

Due to these hardships and ingenuity, the new Mac Pro has achieved a cooling effect with three fans to maximize its processing power. If it is exactly 599,800 yen (excluding tax), full specs, it can be said that a reasonable effort has been poured into high-end products of over 5.74 million yen, but “ full of cooling holes on the front '' aimed for a little visual impact maybe.

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