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Apple holding special event on March 31? Is iPhone SE2 (provisional) released on April 3?-Engadget Japan version

Apple is expected to have several unreleased products. Meanwhile, rumors have been told that the company will hold a special event at the end of March, and a small and low-priced model "iPhone SE2 (or iPhone 9; both tentative names)" will be released in the first week of April. . According to German iPhone rumor site iPhone-Ticker, these come from sources directly related to Apple and have no reason to doubt their credibility.

More specifically, the date of the special event is most likely Tuesday, March 31, and iPhone SE2 will be released on April 3.

Over the past few years, Apple has been giving a keynote (special event) in March. Last year, on Tuesday, March 25, under the “It's show time” catchphrase, we announced a variety of new services such as Apple News +, Apple Card, and Apple Arcade. And two years ago, in 2018, we held an event on March 27, focusing on education and the new iPad.

In addition, iPhone-Ticker states that iOS 13.4 will be released in the same week following the launch of the iPhone SE2. With iOS 13.4 beta for developers,iCloud folder sharing that was supposed to be built into iOS 13 from the beginningIs finally implementedWas told.

Apart from the gossip, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst familiar with Apple's insider information, also said he expected to support "iPhone SE2 in the not-too-distant future."

Kuo's research notes obtained by MacRumorsAccording to the iPhone SE2, it will be released earlier this year. He recently set up Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory, the most important production site for the iPhone SE2.Was reporting that there was a "significant delay"But the implication may be that the delay also falls within a certain range.

Also, it is said that "it is not expected to use a 7P lens for the iPhone SE2, so it will not boost the momentum of 7P lens shipping". The 7P lens is a seven-piece plastic lens, and this is probably only a reconsideration given that the iPhone 8 (which is rumored to be the basis) of the iPhone SE2 is a 6P lens.

The iPhone SE2 is a product for the Chinese and Indian markets where low prices are important, and it is expected that the focus will be on increasing the installed base and broadening the scope of the service business rather than making profits on the main unit. Even from such a strategic position, it may be urgent to avoid the effects of the new coronavirus and introduce it quickly.

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