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Apple, iPhone replacement user investigating what happened to the charger. Before the end of bundling-Engadget Japan version

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In the next flagship iPhone 12 (provisional) seriesRumor that wired earphones EarPods and charger will not be includedIt's been reported that Apple is sending some users a survey asking "what happened to the old iPhone power adapter?"

This survey is for people who already own an iPhone and have recently replaced it with a new iPhone. "The USB charger is used to charge it using a wall outlet," he said, looking only at the charger, not the Lightning cable.

For example, Brazilian Twitter user @Gunstaxl posted a screenshot with a checkbox like this: He is a user who bought the iPhone XR before.

  • Sold or handed over with iPhone

  • Lost

  • I gave it to my family and friends

  • Still using it at home

  • Still using it outside (at work, school, or elsewhere)

  • I have it but I haven't used it

Also, @bedabb_, who also lives in Brazil, reports that a similar questionnaire was sent. This is a question about the charger that came with the iPhone 7 Plus.

This isn't the first time Apple has asked about its products, and how they once thought of the MacBook Pro's headphone jack.I had a survey.. A few years later, the MacBook Pro still has terminals, and the survey does not mean that the included accessories and features are restructured.

That said, it's interesting to note that Apple is conducting these surveys at a time when multiple analysts and leakers predict that the upcoming new iPhone won't include a power adapter. If realized, the box can be expected to be thin and small, which may save space for users who are storing the box for trade-in.


Source:@Gunstaxl (Twitter)

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